Klaas Zondervan is registered as a lawyer (rechtskundig adviseur) with the Dutch Association of Legal Advisors [Nederlandse vereniging van Rechtskundige Adviseurs or NVRA] (founded in 1928), having completed both the Specialist Training in Estate Planning (Licent Academy) and the Specialist Training in Estate Liquidation (Family and Inheritance Law Institute Netherlands). Having been allotted a license to carry out private investigations within the Netherlands, conduct probate research for civil law notaries and probate lawyers among others, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Please feel free to approach them for any of the following services.

Obtaining wills, pre- or postnuptial agreements and vital statistics such as birth, marriage and death certificates;
• locating real estate and other property (belonging to the estate) within the Netherlands, the Dutch Carribean and the former Dutch-Indies (nowadays known as Indonesia), to name just a few countries;
• tracing missing persons who may be entitled to an unclaimed estate as well as at the behest of creditors looking to settle a claim (a legitimate interest is required);
• conducting a full genealogical investigation [up to the 7th degree of kinship] in (almost) every country, whether based on a last will or the (local) laws of intestacy.

Particularly worth mentioning is that they also aid banks and insurers in locating missing account holders and policy beneficiaries. They conduct their business both on an hourly rate basis as well as no cure, no pay. Sworn translations from Dutch into English and vice versa are taken care of in-house as per 2020, given that the aforementioned sole proprietor was sworn in as a translator of the English language with the District Court in The Hague [Wbtv-number 23820].

In 2020 Klaas Zondervan of [or ‘’ as it’s called in Dutch] served as genealogical and probate expert on the new television series ‘De Erfgenaam’ [‘The Heir’] on the Dutch channel called RTL4. The show had incredibly high ratings with over one million viewers per episode on average.

You can entrust them with any delicate matter you may be working on. Give them a call or visit They provide evidence you can rely on!

Klaas Zondervan
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Maryssa Mann was born in the United Kingdom and has been working at (or since 2019. She studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, studied English at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, obtained the Diploma in Private Investigations in 2016 and has been working in the field of probate genealogy ever since.
Maryssa is able to quickly grasp probate-genealogical correlations, conduct efficient research and maintain good contacts with our correspondents in the various foreign countries. In addition to her work at (or, she teaches English to professionals.

Maryssa Mann
Maryssa Mann
[email protected]